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Praxsys protects your data.

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With breaches occurring at an accelerated rate, data security is paramount to all organizations. The Praxsys Group specializes in secure software development. We give your company surety in the midst of the cyber security war.

Who We Are

Security breaches start with the code, and that's where our experience lies. In the code.

At our core, we are developers and problem solvers. Praxsys specializes in protecting your data by developing secure applications and encrypting data, both at rest and in motion.

Our Process

We write software with an understanding of the security implications.

We test software, finding security breaches that exist in the code.

We provide all encompassing consulting services to manage systems securely.



Code signing
PKI (Public Key Encryption)
HSM Credential Management
Payments/EMV/Financial Protection (banking)
PCI-DSS Compliance (protection of cardholder data)
Protection of sensitive information (in motion and at rest)
Multifactor authentication and single sign-on


Efficient and cost effective development is critical to the success of businesses and organizations. Praxsys
has decades of experience in the software development process,
always remembering the importance of security in an ever changing world.


Auditing against standards
Entitlements Management (roles based access control management across the application portfolio)
Data Categorization - for regulatory compliance, data privacy and protection, and other enterprise security requirements


Praxsys creates simple
and relevant designs to guide
users through the cumbersome terrain
of modern day interfaces, resulting
in easy to navigate software.

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